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nail manufacturing process

  • Wire Nail Making Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers

    Contact NowWire Nail Making Machine Manufacturers, SuppliersZ94C series High speed ,low noise nail making machine usually used to make normal nail,concrete nail,steeless nail,D shape and T shape nail.This type equipment is consist of lubricating systerm and driving systerm.The driving systerm include wire feeding,wire clamping ,wire cutting and stamping.Read More

  • Wire Nail Making Machine for Wooden

    Contact NowWire Nail Making Machine for WoodenThis company produces the ZX series automatic horizontal (trunk)-type discharge wire machine, for high, medium and low carbon steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire and other wire tensile strength of the lower tape unloaded heavy line, the main supporting straight, pulley type continuous wire...Read More

  • Aluminum Wire Drawing Process

    Contact NowAluminum Wire Drawing Processluminum wire drawing process introduction AMD-450/13SP Aluminium rod breakdown machine with dual take-up was independent research and development product of our company.It is one of the best-selling machines since 2009. The machine has a compact structure, wire straightness easy to adjust, good...Read More

  • Z94 New Generation High Speed Low Noise Wire Nail Making Machine

    Contact NowZ94 New Generation High Speed Low Noise Wire Nail Making MachineBright Wire Drawing Producing Linepay off →peeling → polishing →wire drawing →tension stand → no-stop take up machine characteristic: no acid, no oxide skin, dry drawing, bright, high speed, save die, high efficiencyRead More

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